Life in Life in the Abbey

This is me with my dearly departed Ameraucana chicken, Pip. Raccoons got her. I will get them.

I’m Melissa and I used to do a lot of things. I used to write books and blog regularly and I wrote articles on food and books and whatever else people would pay me for. I used to co-produce an event series and I used to leave my house at night.

But that was a lot of stuff. And by the end, I was burnt out and all I wanted was to do was build a home. So I do that now, in addition to having a full time corporate marketing job.

Out of all of that stuff, I miss the blogging the most. I blogged for more than seven years. Then just stopped. But I need to start again.

So that’s what this is. It’s a portrait of Life in the Abbey, which is a delicate balancing act of cooking fresh, seasonal meals for my husband and son and working 40+ hours per week outside of my home.

The Abbey is what we call our house. It’s in Portland, OR and it’s the biggest house we’ve ever lived in. It’s also the nicest. I love it and I’m frightened of it in equal measure.


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