I’m trying to figure out the best way to write this post. Should it be a list? Or just quick notes? Or maybe start with the thing I told Fancyhats the other day — that I feel completely full by my friends.

I have the most ridiculously wonderful girlfriends. Many of them are old friends, and some are new friends who, by now, are old friends. Some are the friends you text with all day. Some you see here and there. Some live in California, which doesn’t seem right, but WHATEVER. I will get over that at some point.

I don’t know how to collect these moments with these remarkable women to convey how my days are peppered by these people who are smart and kind and wicked funny. But my days are. My email inbox. My texts. Occasionally I get a call but most of my friends, like me, dislike the phone so we don’t really know what to say.

Yesterday, lunch with a dear friends and her daughter who I might just put in my purse and take home with me. Today, lunch with another dear friend whose daughters are too old for me to put in my purse.

And those California friends who feel just next door so often and then I get confused when I can’t just pop by and see them.

Our friends expand into our neighbors too. We live between two very old people. Arch wanders into their yards and houses most days. One neighbor is in her 90s and has recently suffered a stroke. Arch goes over there each day for a “special hug.” That’s what she calls it. She says, “May I have my special hug?” And he gives her a hug and chats with her for a while.

On Sunday our other neighbor had his dress military uniform on. He’s in his late 80s and had been to a funeral. On better days, he gives Tyler a PBR whenever he sees him mowing the lawn. Tonight I watched as Tyler went over to him to give him a ride in the convertible. I watched my husband help our neighbor into the car and help him with the seatbelt.

It’s a hard world. Some of my friends are feeling the pinch of this and I want to make it better for them. All I can offer, though is the fact that my friends make me feel full, and inspired. It doesn’t make their worlds easier, but I hope they all know that I’m in their corners rooting them on.