Jury duty was a thing I hope to never do again. I sat on a criminal case that ended up with a conviction. I don’t know if it’s related, but I’ve been having nightmares every night since jury duty.

IMG_3732But, in more dire news we’re having chicken problems. Our older, bigger, most reliable egg-laying hen Trixie has gone broody on us. For non-chicken people, this means she sits in her nesting box all day every day because she thinks she’s going to hatch a chicken. This would be great if she had access to a rooster and had laid a fertilized egg. But there are no roosters here and she doesn’t even have any eggs under her because Fancyhats risks his fingers to remove them from the nesting box while she’s sitting there. If you’ve ever tried to touch a broody hen, you know this is something fun. And also scary because the chicken puffs up and starts growling and hissing, much like a cat.

Without Trixie around, Yeti has stopped laying too. Or she’s laying somewhere we can’t see so we’re not getting eggs from her and Cruella is just plain broken. She’s never once laid an egg. Basically we have a bunch of lazy hens. When we started keeping chickens we had three reliable egg layers and now we have these three jerks. Except Yeti. Yeti isn’t a jerk. She’s sweet. The other two are about to be relocated I tell you.

I know we can break a broody hen by suspending her in a contraption, but that’s not really in the cards. Now we’re just going to keep pulling her out of the nesting box and reminding her that  (guess what!) no roosters. Only eggs for eating. Or I’m going sneak an Ameracauna egg under her and get a good chicken again.