I know all of you are wondering what happened to C. I know that all of you were just as traumatized as I when I found out it was her last class. Well, rest assured friends, C is now teaching the Wednesday Crazy Fitness Hour of Sweat and Pain permanently! When she came into class with this announcement, we all cheered. I didn’t mean to cheer. I meant to cry out in pain. But I cheered because, let’s be honest, C is awesome.

I really want to know more about her and her life. How did she become so damn strong and bossy and funny all at once. She’s like my personal Sheryl Sandberg. I’m totally inspired by her and also terribly confused at all of the muscles and shouting.

So last week we had a sub in C’s class and everyone was wondering where C was! All we knew was there was an emergency. We were worried. I thought maybe it was her family. Does she have a family? Did she leave town? Is she abandoning us for some other gym where people aren’t quite so floppy everywhere?

This week she came in and announced that she was going to tell us what to do and not do the exercises herself because last week she’d had surgery. In fact, she had two herniated disks replaced in her neck. But there she was, in her workout clothes, ready to lead class.

“I MISSED YOU GUYS.” She shouted at us.

We shouted back: WE MISSED YOU TOO!

And so class started and sure enough C was in front of the class shouting at us and telling us what to do. One of her favorite expressions is MIND OVER MATTER! She kept shouting it at us today and there she was, living proof of mind over matter. Surgery won’t stop her from getting our asses in shape.

I feel lucky to have C in my life even if it is just an hour a week. She kicks my ass in person, and for the rest of the week, I have her voice in my head encouraging me to keep going, to stay strong, to suck it in and, of course, tighten my glutes.