I went to New Orleans and I think I’m finally recovered. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I wasn’t recovering from the normal things people returning from New Orleans need to recover from. I was there for work and putting in 10-12 hour days. There’s something about the central time zone that’s particularly challenging. I think it’s because flights to and from anywhere in the south leave at the crack of dawn. I had the good fortune to travel with colleagues I enjoy and to attend a very interesting conference on the healthcare system, which will be very broken very soon. Fortunately there are smart people who have some good solutions like electronic health records and ways to achieve a one chart, one patient system. My role there was to write down these ideas and film the smart people who were sharing them. Listening to smart people talk about smart things is a pleasure none of us get enough of.

This morning Archie said to me, “My future glory is talking.” I said that becoming a great speaker seems like an excellent glory.

I’m keeping the memories of this trip close and using them as inspiration as I manage the final push for Five Plates. There are bumps and challenges for everyone, but we must be persistant and focused. Even when we want to have a tantrum. Even at 37 a tantrum seems like a pretty good option. And that’s when I go to spin class…

Mississippi River

I walked along the Mississippi River to get to the convention center. I wonder if I’ll ever not be shocked at the amount of commerce that travel on rivers.

French QuarterI stayed in the French Quarter at the Royal Omni Orleans. I highly recommend this hotel. It’s a beautiful old hotel right in the French Quarter. But, it’s across the street from the Supreme Court Building so it’s silent at night. I slept like a rock every night. Loved it there.

President ClintonFor some reason, I’ve now been in the same room with two different US Presidents: George W. Bush and President Clinton. When I was in a room with Bush, he started speaking and they locked all of the doors and no one could leave or enter for the full hour and a half he spoke. In Clinton’s case this week, the doors were wide open the whole time and people could come and go as they pleased.

In both cases, their charisma was palpable. It was superhuman. I’ve been around very charismatic people and it’s absolutely nothing like the charisma that a President projects. It’s scary. Even though I was far away from both men, I had that split second feeling that they were talking right to me. The narcissism that they’re filled with in order to seek that level of approval is almost suffocating.

Backyard ChickensI came home to three laying hens. They’d hidden their eggs under the chicken coop. Because they’re sneaky like that.