Yesterday I volunteered in A’s classroom. It was a lot of fun. We read a book about kangaroos. I asked where they lived and one little girl said Australia. She then went on to share that they talk funny in Australia, “but still use their English voices.” Indeed.

Volunteering time was right during old lady fitness class aka Body Sculpt. So instead of quietly rocking and staring at the white walls and waiting for summer to happen, I decided to attend a different class. A DIFFERENT CLASS! At a different gym no less! Keep in mind, before joining this current gym, I’d never actually had a gym membership, so all of this stuff remains a surprise for me.

Anyway, I decided to try spinning class. This is where you are in a group and working out on stationary bikes. To music. Honestly, this seemed excruciatingly boring to me, but many many people love it. So in the spirit of trying new things, I tried this new thing.

The very nice man who taught the class got my bike all set for me and assured me that for my first time I’d want to stay in the low gears and not really move above 10. The gears go up to 24. I nodded and thought, OH YEAH RIGHT DO YOU NOT READ MY BLOG? DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT I TAKE CLASSES WITH C?!?!? He knew neither of those things.

So we started the class, and I totally ignored his instruction to use lower gears and take it easy and for the first 15 minutes, I’m looking around like why are you all huffing and puffing? What’s the biggie? And then suddenly I realized I was absolutely sodden. Sweat had soaked my shirt and I’ve got the eye of the tiger in the mirror. I’m up, I’m down. I’m on trail rides with bumps. I’m climbing mountains. I’m watching my RPMs, looking at my Kcal.

The woman next to me has also hit her stride in class and instead of giving herself eye of tiger in the mirror, she’s making sex noises, complete with growls. GROWLS! I’ve mentioned that I’m not a vocal person while working out. That I’d rather give up exercising all together than Wooo-Hoooo in the middle of class. The most I do is clap once at the end.

Not so, this woman. Grrrrrrr. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Uh-uh-uh.

After one of her outbursts of pleasure and passion, even the instructor chuckled. I wanted to laugh too, but that would have required my not giving myself eye of the tiger. If I had broken tiger eye contact I would have simply fallen on the floor and died from a coronary.

Our last exercise was climbing yet another mountain to Proud Mary, the Ike and Tina version. We climbed during the slow part and then sprinted during the fast part. At the end I couldn’t slow my legs down but the woman next to me let out a “YES!” that pretty much summed up the way I felt too.

By the end my face was so red it was purple. My shirt was dripping sweat and I wasn’t at all convinced I’d be able to make it up the small incline from the gym to my car. I said thank you to the instructor and he said, “You’ve found your thing! This is the exercise for you! Keep doing what you’re doing!”

I was stunned. No one has ever complimented a single athletic thing I’ve ever done. I said thank you again and waddled back to the locker room. I know he meant it because there were other new people in the class and all he said to them was, “You looked good today.” No exclamation points at all.

So, spinning class is my thing. The spinning class instructor told me so. Unfortunately, my heart says body sculpt is my thing. I love those weights and I feel so strong after. Spinning class was really fun and I know I got a good workout, and the instructor complimented me. But my heart belongs to C.