This weekend was a pure pleasure. Nothing felt rushed, but I was busy all the same. I highly recommend several of the things I did this weekend. Here are my recommendations for some fun Portland and non-Portland things to do:

Friday night

Most Friday nights we have movie night. We eat dinner and listen to music and then we settle in for a movie in the living room. The dudes make popcorn and we usually watch movies from our childhood — Goonies, Gremlins, ET, etc — but this movie night, A wanted to watch Hotel Transylvania. I was hesitant. I think kids’ movies these days are too trendy and the jokes will seem irrelevant in five years. But Hotel Transylvania was a pleasure. Funny, smart and very satisfying. I also recommend Despicable Me and Finding Nemo if you want good nowadays kids’ movies.

Saturday AM

A bashed his forehead on the coffee table. I don’t recommend this activity for anyone,  but it was almost a relief. All kids bash their faces on the coffee table and then they never do it again. We got off easy on this one, but he does have this very interesting bruise in the shape of a line down the middle of his face. We call it his Harry Potter scar.

After the face bashing, A and I went on a bike ride. A: “This is so relaxing. I feel so grateful that it’s not raining.” Agreed.

Saturday PM

Date night with Fancyhats. We saw I Love to Eat at PCS. This too was a pleasure. It’s a one-man show about James Beard, who grew up here in Portland. I loved learning more about his life and hearing stories about Portland. I also loved the moment when he made mayonnaise on stage. It was a perfect moment: one part magic trick, one part demonstration of the elegance and ease of cooking.

Dinner at BIWA after. We tried to get into Le Pigeon. I’ve never been there and I’ve decided it’s not my destiny to eat there. I’m okay with this. It will just live in my head as the most perfect meal ever. We love BIWA all the same. Small plates recommendations: beef tartare and hanger steak.

Sunday AM

Knitting with friends at Twisted. I’ve been going to Twisted since it opened and it is the only place I buy yarn. Period. Great selection, best staff around. Clean, friendly, kind.

Sunday PM

Lunch with KL Martini. The restaurant we went to was meh, but the company was excellent.

VShIIVkcWAMaking homemade Oreos. More on that on the Five Plates blog.

Dinner with A alone. Fancyhats went to a Superbowl party and A and I stayed home for a dinner of O’s: nachos, tacos and burritos (and Oreos). And then reading more Harry Potter. We’re almost finished with the first book! I can’t believe it.

Downton Abbey and knitting. Um. Yes.