It’s January 16 in Portland, Ore. We’ve had a week of white skies and temperatures in the 30’s. While I’m doing better this winter than I have in winters past, I can feel the cold creeping into my bones. And the dark is dark. During the summer, a 6am alarm means it’s finally time to get up and see what awesome things the day holds. 6am in winter means OMG, WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS FATE?!?

But I’m eating a lot of citrus. So that’s something. And also exercising more than ever. Even though today I was at body sculpt class and had this thought: I hate this and everyone here and also the patriarchy for oppressing women and making them feel like we need to take up less space and be super skinny and WE SHOULD RISE UP AND TAKE UP MORE SPACE STUPID EXERCISE CLASS I HATE YOU. That was at the end of class. My normal rage peak is during the abs section right before I have this thought: I AM GOING TO VOMIT NOW. It wasn’t good to have the rage at the end. So I made a point of smiling and thanking the instructor and saying goodbye to some of the exercise ladies. You can’t leave body sculpt class angry. That’s why we clap for ourselves at the end.

ANYWAY. I thought today I’d focus on some things that make me grateful. These are things to keep top of mind so I don’t spiral into quietly rocking in the basement and drawing suns on the walls using chewed up Crayola crayons*.

Five Plates. Eek!! I love this little piece of magic. Soon all of you will love it too. If only we can get those damn weeks to turn over.

Texts from my sweet friends. I get these great texts from my friends. They send me quick notes asking how I’m doing, how Five Plates is going and sharing their news with me. I love these little bursts of happiness in my day.

Sugar. I had a thought that I’d give up sugar. As Tyler pointed out, I eat perhaps a teaspoon of sugar on an average day. For a few days, I gave this up in place of honey because I thought that teaspoon was trying to kill me. I decided that was stupid. And now I’m back to putting sugar in my tea. And, when I make a pie, I love it and thank sugar for making it taste so good.

Small town Portland. This one is tough for me. It can be a bit nerve wracking knowing that you’ll see people you know no matter where you go. This is the absolute truth. I have never left my house in this town and gone to a public place without seeing someone I know. But yesterday I was on a walk and who did I see? My handsome husband. We met up during the middle of the workday and walked about 10 blocks, chatted and then went our separate ways. How great is that?

Kennedy the dog. Sometimes she lets me hug her. Hugging a dog, if you’ve ever had the privilege, is a really great experience. Sometimes when Tyler isn’t around, Kennedy pretends that I’m alright.

These guys. Look at the two of them. And yes, you should be careful because old Fancyhats does get a little saucy.



* I’ve never actually done this.