Last weekend I was blue. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because…food! But this year it’s a quiet year for us. Arch is heading to San Diego with his dad and Fancyhats and I did a terrible job planning anything. So last weekend I realized that my dreams of a feast were not going to come true. And I was bummed.

And then I realized that I was not going to be stuck in traffic anywhere, I could eat what I wanted, which is something other than turkey, and I could watch the rain fall, drink tea and savor Possession by AS Byatt.

Suddenly a quiet Thanksgiving = WIN!

But because as Fancyhats has observed throughout our marriage, I have no ability to relax, I will be baking. During one car ride, I had forgotten my knitting and I was worrying the phone charger cord. (FH: “Put the cord down.” ME: “I CAN’T.”)

So here’s what’s baking: Tartine bread, pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie recipe from Pie and Pastry Bible. Except I’m making the pumpkin puree from an actual pumpkin. I’ve not done this before. It seems silly that I’ve never done this before.

And Fancyhats is cooking dinner. He’s making dinner! Isn’t that magical? And after the baking is over, I’m going to slowly turn the pages in Possession. I can’t wait to unravel the mystery.