V says in order to live, you need someone to love, somewhere to live and something to look forward to. I am totally devoted to the idea of always having something to look forward to. For me, it’s always travel. Where are we going next?

When we were in San Diego this past weekend, I had this thing rubbing on me all wrong. It was my failed attempts at surfing. At one point, Fancyhats asked me if everyone in San Diego surfed. I said no, but we’ve all tried it.

Huntington Beach, Surf City USA

I tried a few times in high school, and then as an adult I tried a few times more. Once ending up in the emergency room with a swollen throat after the edge of my longboard hit my neck.

I’ve written before that I swim because I’m scared of the water. I don’t surf for the same reason. But as I was watching those surfers this weekend, and saw several lessons happening, I thought: DUH. Take a surf less. Take two.

So that what I’m looking forward to. A weekend down to San Diego, at some point. Nothing is on the books yet. And two surf lessons so at least I won’t have my most prominent surf memory being of a lifeguard snapping at me to “get a foam board” after the big long board nearly drowned me.