For better or for worse, PR is my superpower. I wish my superpower was curing cancer or rocket science, but no. I have the ability to make people excited about things. And to find an angle — I blame all the journalism.

PR and journalism are two sides of the same coin. In journalism, you pitch a story and you write the story. In PR, you pitch the story and hope someone else writes it. Most PR people and journalists will tell you that the pitch is where it’s at. Coming up with the idea and molding it into something you just know someone else will be excited about. The writing and the seeing it live are anti-climactic. It’s the bite that’s that the thrill. And yes, we call it a bite.

PR is my superpower but I wouldn’t have ever honed it had it not been for my first job in PR. I worked with a woman who could pitch anything. I’ve still never seen anything like it. She could call the desks, say hello and suddenly live hits are booked and features are in the works. I try channeling her often. Sometimes it works.

My PR mentor, VH, also has the magic touch. I’ll never forget when I understood what PR was. Cheney had a heart attack and VH told me to call the desks. “You have a heart surgeon on your roster. Tell them you have someone who can comment.” I started pitching and sure enough, our doctor was on the news that evening.

This is all to say that I have two tasks assigned to me for Five Plates: 1) the marketing and PR and 2) content creation. On Monday I did my PR and marketing tasks. Today is my content creation day. And I’m procrastinating by writing a blog post about PR.

Anyone have a desk you need me to call?