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We were away for part of the weekend and when we returned on Sunday around 4, I still had all of the meal planning and grocery shopping to do before actually cooking dinner for Sunday night. Not to mention laundry and house straightening before the housekeepers come. We have housekeepers — I am not superwoman.

So, you know what I did? I opened Five Plates and there were my five dinner recipes for the week. I went to the store and worked my way down the list, which is organized by section of the store, and finished up in about 30 minutes. This is 20 minutes less than it normally takes me. This is exactly what I want Five Plates to do. And it did that, like magic.

Right now, our testers are finding all sorts of excellent bugs and our developer is madly fixing them. The grocery list is a bit broken and he’s fixing that too. I think we’re just about ready to go out to the iTunes store. Today I’m pitching bloggers and offering them sponsorships to write about Five Plates. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I believe bloggers should get paid for their words. All writers should be paid for their words, so we’re getting ready to put our marketing money where our mouths are.

It’s so very exciting. And incredibly nerve-wracking. I’m not sleeping well and I hear people talking to me about things that have nothing to do with Five Plates, and all I can think is, would this person mind if I asked him/her about her eating habits? Cooking habits? If she’s ever done meal planning? What it would take to get her to download a $4.99 app?

What I’m saying is I’m distracted.

Also, I dreamed about making pies last night. I’m going to make an apple pie this weekend. So there’s that.