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What is going on with Five Plates? Well, we are just about ready for the Alpha launch. I sent an email out to the people who volunteered to test, thank you.

I set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account and a Pinterest account. So please like, friend, follow each of those things.

I am in need of recipes. I know the web is full of recipes, but if you have a great recipe, either one you’ve seen online or one you’ve created, please send it my way. In the case of original recipes, please double check that it’s not from somewhere else. If it is from somewhere else, no problem, just let me know so we can give proper credit. If it’s your own, we’ll credit you as well.

Our developer is busting his butt getting out builds and our developer makes us pretty things like that banner above. Tyler is keeping all of us in line.

I’ve got some great PR setting up and starting our influencer outreach. Basically, we’re working to our strengths.

October, I see you coming.