My friend Sarah just launched a literary magazine called Stealing Time. It fills a pretty big void, namely the one where parents write frankly about the experience of parenting. I can count on no fingers the amount of magazines that actually have writing from parents that’s honest. Mostly it’s a lot of ads for diapers and processed foods. Stealing Time has no ads, and here’s the amazing thing — they are paying their writers. Eek! Paying people! For words! Stealing Time is having a subscription drive now and I’d like you to go and subscribe, please. And buy a subscription for a new parent while you’re at it.

Speaking of stealing time, I’m starting a new schedule this week where I work part time at the marketing agency and part time as an app developer/start up/ entrepreneur. I’m sort of stunned that it’s coming together. Our developer is building away and we have a prototype on our phones. We have some design stuff. We have a business name, a URL. We even have a lawyer. I’ve dabbled in doing my own thing in the past but this time it’s different. This time Fancyhats is there to take care of the practical odds and ends, leaving me to do content and marketing. I am oddly relaxed about the risks I’m taking. It all feels very right. And I feel grateful that Fancyhats, my employer, our investors, and my sweet friends are all being so supportive.

I need beta testers. If you would like to beta test, you need an iPhone to do so. You need time to write me a detailed description of what worked and what didn’t and how you used it. This will be posted on the blog for the new app.

Leave me a comment if you want to test it. Or you can email me. You probably have my email address. So do that, please.

And that’s it. Here we go into a new phase of life!