I’ve been reading to Arch every night since…well…he was born. He loves books and reading and I’m so proud that he does. He’s an excellent reader too. There’s nothing quite like hearing your kid spontaneously read something out loud. The boy is like me — he’s a book junkyard. He’ll read anything and enjoy it.

It’s been interesting watch him develop his favorites. Last year he got really into Tomie De Paola’s books. De Paola isn’t an author I’ve read much of and hadn’t ever considered bringing home, but Arch read a good deal of his books and was always talking about Tomie. I did a bit of digging and discovered that De Paola writes mostly memoirs so I checked out a few more from the library, which we read and liked, particularly For the Duation.

Meanwhile, last Christmas Fancyhats bought Arch a couple of Soup books by Robert Newton Peck. We tried those at the time, and it was a bust. The writing had a bit too much exposition. The boy needed action! But we tried them again recently and look out world, we have a winner. Arch carries his Soup books around with him and every night he asks for Fancyhats to read to him. Normally I’m the one reading, but Arch wants Fancyhats. I think it’s because these books are so boy. And they’re not at all PC. These kids are into all sorts of trouble from tying up his aunt in a thunderstorm to skinnydipping. There aren’t life lessons. It’s just Peck’s true stories of running wild with his best friend.

Last night it was bedtime and I heard Fancyhats say to Arch, “Go get your book.” It was so good to hear. I loved seeing Arch go hunt for his book and get settled in for the night’s story. I love that Arch knows the feeling of having a book that’s his. And I especially love the Peck was such a prolific author. I’m up for re-reading A Day no Pigs Would Die.