I love Vinho Verde. I love it with all of my heart. I like that it’s slightly fizzy and almost astringent. I think it’s a great summer wine. The other night I found myself all alone for dinner. Eating alone is such a rare treat that I look forward to it and carefully plan what I’ll make and what I’ll read and where I’ll sit and have everything just so.


The dudes were out camping and I decided I’d have a small green salad and an omelette for dinner. And some Vinho Verde. I also read some of The New Yorker. It was really wonderful. Eggs, bread, wine. It was warm and sunny. Eek! So happy.

Here’s the problem: old Fancyhats doesn’t love Vinho Verde like I do. But, he does love a good rosé, which I’m growing fond of, but if we’re branching out, give me the green wine and call it good.

Can I tell you that the Portuguese think of everything? They knew that people would be in this very predicament! And they made Rosé Vinho Verde. They are so smart. Wicked smot.

We tried this wine a few weeks ago with our friend CW. It was a treat and I’d been craving it ever since. So, last night Fancyhats made dinner (grilled sausages) and brought home a bottle of this deliciousness. It was so good.

I recommend it for these hot summer days. Also, Lillet Blanc. I recommend that too. Over ice. With a twist.