Here’s why so few people write books: most people don’t have the mental stamina. Many people have great ideas but there are just a few who can endure the day-by-day torture of writing a novel.

Here’s what happens when you’re writing a book:

I am awesome!

I am the worst!

I am so smart!

I’d like to die!

I deserve to die.

Someone stick hot pokers in my eyes.






Rinse and repeat.

It’s exhausting. And, frankly, not all that rewarding. Particularly now that there are blogs and blogs are instant!

I say all of this because I was working on my new project this weekend and at the moment I was contemplating going into the fetal position under my desk because this is the world’s stupidest/awesomest/stupidest/awesomest idea in the ENTIRE WORLD I thought, wow this feels really familiar. And then I thought, oh yeah! It’s exactly like writing a book.

Except building an app is easier. Mainly because my friends are doing the hard work of building it and making it pretty. My friend Dane is actually making it. Before you go rushing over to his site to hire him to build your thing, please wait. He’ll be finished with my thing on August 15 and then he can do your thing. And my friend Buchino is making it so pretty. Again, you can wait to hire him to do your thing because he’s doing my thing right now.

What am I doing? I don’t even know. (Hot poker moment!) What I’m doing is the publicity (oh hai people, isn’t this the greatest thing ever?!!) and I’m making the app go and be that awesome thing that soon you’ll never be without because it’s amazing.

I have moments of disbelief that this idea I had on a walk with Fancyhats several months ago is becoming a real thing. I can’t believe that in less than a month, my whole world will be upside down. That I’ll have a shot at making people’s lives easier by helping them cook. However, in less than a month, Dane goes away and Buchino goes away and then everything else is up to me. It succeeds or fails based on my efforts. It’s a huge responsibility and I’m so very ready for it…except when I want someone to put hot pokers in my eyes.