We took a little road trip to Montana last week. It was a week-long road trip, so not really little. We rented an RV and drove through Oregon, Idaho and Montana to Glacier National Park, then back through Idaho, Washington and Oregon.

It was a huge, awesome experience.

The almost seven year old was a dream. He didn’t complain about the driving once. In fact, every day, he sat in between us and enjoyed the scenery.

We swam in Flathead Lake in Montana. Have you ever been swimming in a lake in Montana in early July? That’s a very cold experience. I was swimming for about 10 minutes, and then realized that the water was starting to feel warm and that I was getting drowsy. I got out of the lake and could barely move my arms and legs and my fingers and toes were numb.

We saw a bear in Glacier and went up to Logan’s Pass where it was 41 degrees and raining. None of us showered for a week, instead we rinsed off in whatever (very cold) water was nearby.

We got to hear a Glacier park ranger talk. He’d been a ranger for about 60 years. We got to touch a mountain lion pelt and see a bear. We saw mountains and high desert and endless Monsanto-afied wheat fields in eastern Washington (so much scarier than any old bear).

The best part? Being with the dudes for a week. We didn’t fight or fuss, but enjoyed each other’s company.

I loved every moment of it.

Places I’d return to:

  • Montana (anywhere)
  • Idaho — Sand Point, Coeur d’Alene
  • Naches River, Washington
  • Wallowa Lake, Oregon

Next road trip? Canada.