We went sailing this weekend. This was my first time sailing and I was a bit mixed on my opinion. We were out on the Columbia River in Portland in June. Which, for the most part, is cold, cold, cold. And windy. And cold. But I think on a hotter day it could be quite lovely sitting out there and enjoying some snacks.

Bridget and Fancyhats are both sailing fanatics. Fancyhats kept saying, “I love this. I love this. I love this.” Meanwhile I was trying to control the boat with my mind. And much of the time I was thinking, “You can swim, you could totally swim your way out of any sinking that might occur.”

Here’s where I think sailing would be good: in the tropics and in order to access a remote island or other place one wouldn’t be able to access. I could get behind that. I don’t really get aimless wandering. But one of my goals is to get aimless more. To just relax more and do nothing. Perhaps sailing is one more way to just drift along every once in a while.