I think it’s Marion Nestle who said something like, you wouldn’t know it by looking at the grocery store, but kids are meant to eat the same things as adults. I take that pretty seriously in our house. We don’t make separate meals for Arch, and I don’t buy kids snacks. So he eats what we eat for dinner each night.

In fact, he’s always eaten what I eat. When he was just starting solid foods, his doctor told me to disregard baby food and just cut adult food into small portions so he could work on his motor skills. The doctor said there was no reason to feed babies baby food, so I just went with that. And, just like the doctor said, he ate everything no problem.

His dad is a very adventurous eater and has always taken him to the Japanese market where they eat squid and sushi and everything else they see. Fancyhats is up to challenging Arch’s tastes too. Here’s Arch eating a raw oyster with Fancyhats. He tried two of them.

I don’t care if Arch is that kid who has precocious tastes. It doesn’t matter to me if he prefers dry cured olives to canned olives. What I want for him is to be interested in trying any food that passes in front of him. And normally he is, except when it comes to two things: eggs and salad.

The boy will only eat eggs in cookies and in his favorite dinner, which is an omelette. I hear what you’re thinking. Omelette = eggs. Yes. That is true and I’ve made this argument to him many times. And yes, keeping chickens and having a boy who doesn’t eat eggs is cramping my style. So I’ve embarked on operation EGG. Operation egg is where I force feed him eggs on the weekends.

I make the eggs like my grandma did  — with a ridiculous amount of butter. I throw in some cheese and give him some tortilla chips and ketsup and then we all have breakfast as if nothing is different on this morning. He complains a bit, but then he eats them. He eats all of them. This is pretty great in my opinion. I’m so proud of him that he is growing into that boy who will eat anything.

Up next: Operation Salad.