We went to the birthday party of a 30-year-old this weekend. I’ll sum it up for you this way: It was a dance party. We recognized just one song. It was from a Kia commercial.

At midnight (I haven’t stayed up past midnight in months), the birthday boy brought in 100 bean and cheese burritos from Taco Bell.

There was also a photo booth so I got to live out my fantasy of taking the prom king to the prom. I am not supposed to tell you either way if Fancyhats was or was not the prom king, but I will say he was a varsity football player and on the honor roll. So you can make your own guess. (Yes.) Here’s our prom picture:

And if you want to watch what happens when a bunch of 30 year olds have access to a photo booth and a lot of bags of wine, watch this video!