Have I told you about my friend Bridget? I’m sure I have because I tell everyone about her. The first time I met Bridget, she read my chakras, talked to my angels and did a past life reading on me for trade. I traded her publishing advice. I think I was expecting someone much different than the person who came over. The person who came over was wearing blue strappy stilettos and cursed a medium amount and did my reading with the same neutral tone as the one she used to ask me about revenue models for publishing. After that, we were fast friends.

She’s also that friend to whom you can say, “Am I being crazy?” and the friend says, “oh sister, you are so far beyond crazy, you’re in crazy town drinking a crazy shake. You need to get it under control and how.” I appreciate this.

Bridget is know on the Internet as Intuitive Bridge (I came with that name by the way. I’m her creative director and vice president of syngeristic ideation.) She’s always doing cool stuff on her site and this month she’s doing this thing called Peace of Prosperity. Different writers and intuitive people are offering prompts to bloggers and writers on prosperity, and peace.

Today’s prompt is from Jamie Ridler: What is your request of money?  What is money’s request of you?

I don’t know what my request of money is. Maybe that it continues flowing?

But I do have an answer to the second question. A few nights ago, Fancyhats and I were working on a spreadsheet tracking sales projections. Why would we spend our free time on a spreadsheet to track sales projections? Well, because. But we were working on it and suddenly I was so tired, I put my head in my hands and nodded off. I feel asleep in the middle of a conversation about money and spreadsheets and sales projections. It was that sudden. Something in my brain said, “You really need to wake up because there’s no way your wonderful husband will ever agree to help you again if he finds out you’re sleeping right now.” And I woke back up. But I had to walk around to stop the exhaustion from overwhelming me. I can only think it was some sort of defense mechanism because when it comes to spreadsheets and budgets and finances, I want to run screaming. Or fall asleep. But this is not a realistic or reasonable reaction. Really.

And, there’s the reason I’m working on spreadsheets instead of reading Wolf Hall. The reason is very cool and you’ll be the first to know when I announce the reason why. But I feel, through this exercise of spreadsheets and sleeping and feeling very afraid of numbers, that money is requesting that I get comfortable with it. Not just get comfortable but start enjoying it.