Most of the time, I bring my lunch from home. I break Michael Pollan’s rule about always eating at tables and I eat at my desk. Usually because I’ve been to the pool during my lunch or I’ve got too much to do. Today I had a lunch meeting cancel and had no lunch with me so I ventured out into the Portland sunshine for some grub.

At one point in my life, I hated lunch. I just didn’t get it. Seemed like a wasted meal, but for the past six months, I’ve realized that lunch is a really excellent time to try a new restaurant or have a few quiet minutes to myself. Also, lunch dates with Fancyhats — my favorite time to talk about things that may cause tension. We can sort through the stuff without the time pressure of dinner.

Today I found myself at Lovejoy Bakers in the Pearl. It’s a beautiful space filled with light and they make amazing bread and goodies. Also salads and sandwiches. And they have Virgil’s root beer. Only the best root beer ever.

I sat down right next to about 15 50lb bags of flour and I had this thought, “Oh, what I wouldn’t do with that flour.” And then I thought, “With what time?!” It takes me a full day to bake bread and a half day to bake a pie. There’s no way I could use a 50lb bag of flour before the pests got to it. And then I thought, if I had one year off, I’d use that bag of flour. I’d spend that year baking beautiful treats. I’d make croissants and pies and cookies and maybe I’d try a cake. I’ve never baked a cake. Seems like a lot of frustration.

I’d also bake chocolate things from Arizmendi. I might just do that anyway.

I also realized that in that year I’d need to get rid of all of my jeans and dresses because all I’d be able to squeeze into was yoga pants. But whatever. Whatever! Each day I’d bake something new and I’d show that 50lb bag of flour what’s what.

What would your fantasy year off look like? Would someone take the year off just to eat my delicious fantasy baked goods?