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Have you heard that quote by (I think) Kate Moss? Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels? There are many things that taste better to me than being skinnier than I am currently, but whatever.

Today’s Sunday and I spent most of my day cooking. I cooked Umbrian Chickpea Soup and Shaskshuka and Tartine bread. Baking bread from Tartine takes a minimum of eight hours from start to finish. That’s a big commitment. And I had this thought: oh I totally get why wonder bread happened. And then I thought, wait. No I don’t.

I wondered about people who went from eating freshly baked bread to store bought bread. I wonder if they thought, oh doesn’t this sliced bread taste amazing?! Or did they think, oh this is so much better than baking it from scratch, I don’t care how it tastes.

Either way, something happened to people’s taste buds to make store bought bread taste very good. Or at least acceptable. I wonder what that thing was. Was it mind over matter? Did home baked bread become a treat and it was gradually aced out of people’s lives (like homemade ice cream, pies and pretty much any other processed food we purchase)? Did convenience and simple caloric needs outweigh the emotional and physical comfort of homemade bread?

Either way, I’m working on bringing homemade bread back for my family. There’s something warm and cozy and loving about a loaf of bread. Even if I can only make it on Sundays, I still want us to know what it means to find a bit of love, warmth and solace (and not just calories) in food.