Pip. Everyone's favorite chicken.

There are things that happen in my household that get filed under “That time you went away for work.” I travel a bit for work, and for some reason the bad things that happen in our house happen at that time. Sometimes I haven’t actually been traveling when the bad thing happened, but it happens in our memories that way. Other times, I’m away and I get a call at 6am from my husband with a bit of bad news. Last month I went to San Francisco and while I was away, our chicken Pip was killed by raccoons.

Pip was loved by everyone who met her. She was sweet and social and she was a terrific layer of green eggs. Raccoons are bastards, I tell you.

2011-12-08 (16)

Photo credit: RobynAnderson

Since then, we’ve had just two chickens who are not laying and are generally just wandering around the backyard eating a lot of worms and bugs and molting. But there’s a hole in our flock that needs to be filled. I hope to fill it with a Polish Chicken.

We need to get a pullet because we’re a little bit over raising chicks in the house. And we’re taking a bit of a risk getting a Polish because the other chickens might start picking on her. Yes. Because of the poof on top of her head. Turns out Polish Chickens can’t see too well. And some breeds are good layers, while others aren’t awesome. We need another good layer. But we also want to have a Polish, because look! LOOK!!

I am tempted by another Ameraucana but I’m under strict instruction from Fancyhats that we are only to have three chickens at any one time.

I will keep you posted on what we decide. I know you’ll be unable to sleep until we do.