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I don’t really have a choice about exercise. I can’t say, oh I don’t feel like it today. Or, oh I don’t have time. I have to exercise most days (I aim for 5 days a week) or else I don’t sleep well and if I don’t sleep well, I don’t feel well emotionally. Right now we’re in the monsoon season in Portland which means it has rained now for a month straight. The last time I saw the sun was seven days ago. Every other minute of these days has been gray skies and constant downpour. It’s miserable.

So exercise and eating well are the main ways I keep it together in these rainy months. I swim most days. It’s a good, fast workout. And I love the sensory deprivation involved. I like that for 25 minutes I can’t hear or see anyone. I swim on my lunch at work. But on Tuesdays and Thursdays there’s some sort of swim team in the pool. There are dozens of people in there, and the pool only has three lanes. They circle instead of share lanes. I’m not cut out for this sort of swimming.

So I needed a different Tues/Thurs exercise option. Lucky for me, there’s a Pilates class at the gym during the lunch hour. I attended it for the first time yesterday and I had mixed feelings. I like that I was sore afterward and I do feel like I got a decent workout. But. Ugh. It was just exercise. I didn’t feel refreshed after. I just felt like…well…I exercised.

Not to mention that I’m supremely uncoordinated and watching the teacher and myself in the mirror and having to lie on my side and swoop my leg back and forward and then bend at the knee then back and forward. I can tell you that in my mind, I heard the directions, but my body was in no way prepared to follow what my eyes saw.

I was confused.

And I was also obviously the worst person in the class. Forget about that V posture. Forget about any sort of ballet moves.

I will say that thanks to swimming, I can plank all day and I was the slowest person to go into a push up. But the rest of it was just meh. MEH.

I hope that swim team gives up on the pool soon so I can go back to my regular swimming schedule.