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So, remember three posts ago when my starter had mold on it? And I was scared? Well, a few things have happened in that time. The first is that I read the rest of the Tartine bread book’s instructions on starter where I learned that I’m supposed to have the bread in a cool place and also that cool (as defined as the author) is a room that’s 65 degrees. HAHAHAAAAHHAAA.

I live in Portland, OR. With a man who grew up in Massachusetts. 65 degrees would be balmy for my house. The warmest we have our thermometer set for is 64 degrees and that only happens while we’re home. (Note to Californians reading this blog: thermostats are things that control the temperature in a house by triggering a heater. A heater, unlike those wall devices we turn on occasionally in December, have vents in the floor or the wall where hot air is released. They make programmable thermostats that make the heat turn off during specific times. Next week, I’ll cover something called ‘oil heat’ and ‘gas heat.’)

So, basically, there was never any hope of that starter taking off. So I presented Fancyhats with the problem and he recommended putting the starter in the window next to the Meyer lemon tree he bought and planted and we keep in our house. (Note to Californians: that’s the Meyer lemon tree sitting next to my bowl of starter. I agree with you when you say HAHAHHHAAHA. But this is how we grow citrus in Oregon. Or not grow citrus. Either way, I love this lemon tree like the boy loved the Velveteen Rabbit after he had the plague and it was stuck outside to rot in the rain. I love it because I love citrus and maybe one day this tree will make a fruit.)

In any case, I put the starter in the window where it might be a few degrees warmer and some sort of light might shine on it and guess what? It’s totally working. The starter smells like sourdough. It’s a beautiful color. And it’s rising and falling (a tiny bit) every day like it’s supposed to. It has bubbles in it and it’s looking pretty good.

If this keeps up, I might try to make some bread this weekend. And Fancyhats will get the first piece. Because he’s good like that.