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Image I’d really like you to believe that I’m all cool Portland hippie person who doesn’t believe bacteria and mold can be harmful, and I totally try to live that walk. Or walk that life. Or whatever. I don’t have antibacterial soaps in my house and we use hippie detergent and I don’t wear perfume but there are limits.

This is my starter from the Tartine Bread cookbook after three days. Granted those three days have been filled with rain and our house is generally sort of cool, but green spots on the top?!?

I’m trying to quiet every alarm bell going off in my head and remember that this is part of the process, I think? The book does refer to a dark crust that might form. They don’t mention the color. And the green spots aren’t furry, so that’s good?

This morning I scraped off the top and the green spots and discarded a bunch more and refilled with flour and water. I’m now feeding my starter, per the directions.

When I brought the green spots to Fancyhats’s attention, he just shrugged and reminded me that he had tried starter in Portland (twice) with no success. *Shrug* I too tried starter a long time ago in Portland and I too had no success. But whatever. WHATEVER.

I’m just trying to remember that people do make bread in Portland. They really do. They somehow manage it. So I am going to continue with this recipe and try making bread despite the green spots. Maybe with the green spots. Because what says organic and healthy more than a new, fresh green growth. Nothing.