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It’s my first post! I’ve written a lot of first posts on blogs so instead of doing all of the celebrating, I’m just going to jump in.

Here’s my weekend list household projects:

  • Preserving lemons. Lemons and blood oranges get me through the winter here in Portland. The color and the bright, fresh pop of flavor are often the only vibrancy we see here for months at a time. I always have a bowl full of Meyer lemons in my kitchen that I use for baking, salad dressing and general prettiness. I recently started using preserved lemons in chicken dishes and I’m excited to start exploring that flavor more. They’re tangy (my husband’s favorite flavor) and salty and surprising. So why not celebrate the end of winter by doing some preserving?
  • Side note: I use blood oranges in this kale salad recipe. So much yummier than roasted squash. I also add some smoked salmon for an excellent work lunch.

  • Continue on with my Tartine bread project. Right now, I have some culture started. Who knows if this will even work. But I did buy 5 lbs. of flour (per the recipe) and I’m willing to invest weeks into this for two loaves. I don’t know why.
  • Hunger Games movie. Fancyhats has agreed to see this with me. He’s nice that way. I read the first book (loved it), second book (it was pretty good) and part of the third (stalled out on page 40). I’m really looking forward to the movie. It combines my three favorite things: survival skills, teen angst and dystopic futures. Okay, these actually aren’t my three favorite things, but whatever.
  • More cooking. I don’t know what other recipes I’ll try this weekend. These cookies look so fab (thanks Hannah!) and I’m sure I’ll find more during my Pinterest research.